Recon Light Pole Base


Independent testing on the Anchoring System within the ReCon LPB.

Comprehensive Engineering Reference Manual that outlines the design process, which follows Code and industry standard.

Design charts available that are intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the ReCon LPB system.

The entire manual, including the testing completed, has been independently reviewed by a third-party engineering firm.

The Engineering Reference Manual is available to industry engineers to aid in the completion of stamped calculations and drawings for site specific design.


Aside from the typical requirements for installation (auger hole, place foundation, level, backfill, etc.), ReCon has several specific requirements that are unique to the ReCon LPB System:

Thread (1) 3/4” diameter x 9” long HDG rod into the anchoring nut, located at the bottom of the slot created by insert, ensuring that it is seated tightly against the bottom – four total.

Fill in the slot, created by the insert, with fluid grout.

Place (1) 3” x 3” x 5/16” thick HDG bearing washer over each rod and secure with (1) 3/4” HDG nut. Tighten nut to the recommended installation torque.

Install light pole with baseplate onto the projecting threaded rods using typical HDG nuts and washers per the Manufacturer’s recommendations.