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Easi-Set Precast Concrete Buildings

Easi-Set® Buildings from Norwalk Concrete Industries provide durability, flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness and long lasting security. Easi-Set® Buildings are installed in a day, require no foundation and are relocatable! Easi-Set® Buildings are used for Storage, as Pump Buildings, for Power Substations, to house Communications Hardware, by Utility Companies, for HazMat Storage, as Restrooms (wet and dry), as Concession Stands, for Classrooms, and many Custom Applications. Where larger buildings are required, Easi-Span® provides clear span sizes up to 40' x 200'.

Modular Buildings-Norwalk Concrete Industries Modular Buildings-Norwalk Concrete Industries

Easi-Set ® originated the concept of a Transportable Precast Concrete Building. For years the Easi-Set® and Easi-Span® Buildings have led the industry as the precast buildings of choice. The patented post-tensioned building system provides even greater weather-tightness and impact resistance for the precast roof and floors.

The Benefits of Concrete Buildings:

Structurally sound and secure
Installation is quick and easy
Complete customization available (from size to finishes as well as added amenities)
Cost effective
Maintenance free
Extremely low life cycle cost
Variety of finishes available
- Exposed Aggregate - Trowel finish
- Broom finish - Brick Finish
- Rubbed finish - Split Block Finish

Insect and animal proof
Will not burn
Carries U.L. 752 level 4 bullet resistance.
Improved sound barrier
Stops liquids and vapor
Protect better than wood or brick against wind borne debris
Buildings can be designed as saferooms or storm shelters to withstand 250 mph tornado force winds.
- HAZMAT - Controls
- Communications Equipment - Guard Shack
- Generator Building - Office
- Government, School or Municipal - Commercial & Industrial
- Concession Stand - Press Box
- Equipment Shelters
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We service Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and most of the Midwestern United States.